Wee Mack’s Mission

At Wee Mack’s, we understand what an important decision it is to entrust your child to a childcare provider.  The early years are such a special time, when children are learning and growing, and you want to be sure that they – and you – are going to be given the best possible support.  

We aim to give you complete peace of mind by:

  • Providing a happy, safe, and warm environment where all children and their families feel welcome.
  • Creating a child-centred setting where children are encouraged to make choices and decisions.
  • Allowing children to learn through free play and fun.
  • Facilitating learning through structure and routine.
  • Supporting the children to reach milestones at their own pace, respecting their own individuality.
  • Providing inclusive play opportunities for all our children
  • Working in partnership with you to ensure your children’s needs are met
  • Regularly evaluating our provision to ensure that we meet your, and our, expectations.
  • Helping children to feel part of a community that promotes positive behaviour and a solid foundation for early years learning.

Our objective is to provide:

  • Safe and engaging opportunities for play and learning in a positive and encouraging environment.
  • Quality educational resources that help to promote your child’s development, self-esteem and confidence.
  • A staff team that is experienced, qualified, approachable and supportive towards children’s needs and that of their family.
  • A safe, clean, hygienic environment and a commitment to minimising risks for children, staff and visitors in line with government guidelines
  • A community where every child and their family are valued and included, regardless of their background.

We believe that you and your child need – and deserve – a quality childcare provision, and at Wee Mack’s we aim to deliver exactly that.