Wee Mack’s children are separated by their age into different ‘home’ groups.  These are Mack Babies (6 months to 23 months), Mack Tots (24 months to 36 months) and Mini Macks (3 to 5 years).  All children and babies are assigned a Key Worker who will record their progress and make sure they are happy during their time at nursery.  You will be provided with feedback sharing your child’s nursery activities with you via our parent portal, Famly.  There are opportunities for the children to enjoy our outdoor area, and go on local outings, throughout the day.

Mack Babies 

Mack Babies is a space for a maximum of 20 babies, observing minimum staff/baby ratios of 1:3.

It is important that babies are nurtured and supported, whilst at the same time being free to explore and adapt to the world around them. Our team take every opportunity to connect with the babies in their care. Keyworkers observe the babies’ activities and take their lead when it comes to learning.  Our team work in partnership with carers in order to help provide a home from home experience, and where possible try to follow the routines established at home. Daily diaries are recorded of each baby’s day and made available to parents through our online portal.

Mack Babies are fully equipped for changing, feeding, napping, playing and cuddling!   The main room has areas for feeding and snuggling; a reading corner with a range of books and cosy corner home corner, and exploration areas.  Snuggle mats are on hand for tummy time, and soft play equipment for rolling and climbing.  Wooden toys and puppets provide fun learning opportunities.  A perfect combination of homely and secure; with lots for little minds to explore and enjoy.  

We prepare bottles within the room in our handy Kitchenette. 

The adjoining Sleep and Sensory Room has mats for safe and comfortable snoozing and a flexible sensory space.  

Our babies spend time in our garden and enjoy frequent ‘buggy walks’ to the park, Water of Leith walkway and so on.

Mack Tots 

Mack Tots observe staff/child ratios of 1:5.

Mack Tots is a space where children can grow – at their own pace – into more independent beings. Staff support and guide them in their curiosity as they continue on their nursery journey.  There is a Key Worker system in place and daily online diaries are available for the parents of every child.

The focus is the 3 main areas for learning:

  • communication and language development – giving children opportunities to speak and listen in a range of situations and to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves.
  • physical development – providing opportunities for young children to be active and to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement. Children are helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy food choices.
  • personal, social and emotional development – helping children to develop a positive sense of themselves, and others; to form positive relationships and develop respect for others; to develop social skills and learn how to manage their feelings; to understand appropriate behaviour in groups; and to have confidence in their own abilities. 


In Mack Tots, the ‘cosy corner’ provides a rest area, or quiet area, when children are not napping.  Children can explore their emotions and relax here.  At nap times, mats provide a comfortable sleep solution.  

Low level tables and chairs are used and children sit together in small groups, fully supervised by staff, to eat.  They are encouraged to help set up for snack times and mealtimes and serve/feed themselves as much as possible.  A range of food is available and menus are communicated with parents and staff in advance.  

Mack Tots spend time in the garden and also visit the local park regularly.

Mini Macks

Mini Macks observe staff/child ratios of 1:8.

In Mini Macks children are encouraged to further develop their social skills. The stimulating environment promotes choice and independence, whilst guiding them through the key areas of literacy, number skills, communication, Expressive Arts and the world around us.  We will aid the transition from nursery to Primary School so your child feels supported and confident moving to the next stage.  Our partnership with you will remain an important feature and communication through online daily diaries will  update you on your child’s progress.

In Mini Macks, we have themed reading areas and cosy corners. Should children wish to nap, mats will provide a comfortable sleep solution. 

Low level tables and chairs are used and children sit together with a staff member, to eat.  They are encouraged to help set up for snack times and mealtimes and serve/feed themselves as much as possible.  Menus are communicated with parents and staff in advance.  Children are encouraged to help clear up at the end of mealtimes.  Input into menus is invited, and there is further exploration into food and where it comes from.

Mini Macks spend time in the garden and also enjoy outings in the local area.

Outdoor Area

Outdoor play and fresh air have a great impact on children’s wellbeing and health.  Our garden offers play and learning opportunities for all our age groups.  Our pirate ship, loose parts, ride-on toys and climbing frames promote active play, and there are sand pits and a large mud kitchen for  learning and discovery! 

Extra-Curriculur activities 

From time to time we may have external partners come in and offer classes and experiences for the children. You will be informed about these in advance and asked whether you would like your child to participate.